What is ear cuff and how to wear it?

What is ear cuff and how to wear it?

Ear cuff is an earring that is meant for one ear, which does not require piercing. Cuff can be meant for middle ear or upper part of an ear. We have noticed that cuffs are popular among pop stars and TV stars. Cuffs can be in different sizes, with or without hinge, with hanging chains or precious stones.  

Magnificent You store offers wide range of silver cuffs, and we also plan to offer more gold cuffs, which are handmade in Latvia, by the end of summer 2023. 

It is convenient and straight forward how to wear a cuff, which has hinge. However, we will share the technique of how to put a middle ear cuff without hinge on. We promise it is easy! 

The technique:

1. Take an ear cuff;

2. Put it on the upper part of the ear, where it is the thinnest;

3. Then just slide the cuff down to middle ear, whoala!

Please see also the video: https://youtube.com/shorts/FQOL4vCvNgg?feature=share


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