Jewelry Use Instructions

To protect your jewelry from damage:

  • do not allow perfumes, hairspray, colour or other chemical substances to get directly on the product;
  • do not use excessive force when using jewelry, for example, when opening or closing clasps;
  • ear cuffs for the middle part of an ear without hinge should be put on carefully - put it on upper part of the ear where it is the thinnest and then slide it down;
  • jewelry must be stored in dry boxes that protect the product not only from moisture, but also from direct sunlight and dirt;
  • products with stones should not be exposed to sharp temperature fluctuations (e.g. when entering a sauna, solarium, but after sunbathing - in a cold pool);
  • jewelry can be cleaned at home with a suede or flannel cloth, or using professional jewelry care products;
  • we suggest to remove jewelry before taking bath, attending solarium, sauna, sports class, as well as before going to bed.

Keep in mind that gold, silver are soft metals that are easily deformed and scratched.

The store is not responsible for improperly maintained products.